This Guy’s Coffee in Springboro, OH

So for those that know me, they know I LOVE all things coffee. I wouldn’t call it an addiction, but I’m pretty much down for a cup any time. Drip, pour over, french press, latte, iced, frap, whatever. It’s heaven in a cup.

The other thing I love doing is checking out local coffee houses. So last Friday, after dropping my pup off at daycare (yes, I’m THAT dog mom), I decided to give This Guy’s Coffee a go. I was definitely impressed! The staff was really friendly, had a decent variety of drinks, and they even said I could use my own tumbler and get a discount the next time I visited. Gotta do my part to save the planet and all that.

Another thing that I thought was really cool is they partner with other local businesses. According to their website, the beans come from Coffee Break Roasting in Cincinnati, and their pastries are made by Phileo Artisan Bakery in Miamisburg and Neighborhood Nest in Fairborn. Neighborhood Nest specializes in Gluten-Free baked goods. I stuck with a latte this go around but that case of goodies was definitely tempting!

Speaking of latte, I got the Snickerdoodle. It was cold and windy in the Gem City and the thought of creamy, spicy, sweet happiness called to me. Personally, I think I made an excellent choice! Not as sweet as one you might find at Starbucks, I think it could easily be modified if that’s what you prefer. For me, I loved the more cinnamon and buttery forwardness of the drink. Since I’m down that way every Thursday and Friday, I look forward to sampling the rest of the items on their menu to see if they’re just as good. Maybe I’ll get the Nutty Irish, Mocha Toffee, or White Chocolate Hazelnut next…..

If you’re planning a visit, I would just caution you to keep an eye out for the sign. It’s off West Central Ave (or CR 73) in Springboro but at the end of a shopping strip so it could be easily missed if you’re not looking for it. But it’s absolutely worth a stop if you like coffee as much as I do.

PS: They have a drive-thru for days when you don’t want to leave the comfort of your vehicle. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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