What I Am & What I’m Not

Earlier today, as I was mapping out my next post in my brain, I became bogged down with my thoughts. I fell victim to that horrible sickness – Second guessing oneself and thinking of ways to apologize. Let me set the scene…

This year, I decided to actively try and revamp my blog. I started it a few years ago but it was more whim than earnest try. But now, I really want to give it a go. I want to share my thoughts and feelings with *hopefully* people like me. I want to spread the word about really cool places I’ve found and interesting books I’ve read. I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing random posts about food too – or more truthfully, my food Pinterest fails! If just one person reads it (hi, Mom!) then that’s okay. If more than one person finds a post mildly amusing, that’s awesome!

So I had to ask myself, if I’m wanting to share MY voice and MY thoughts, why was I suddenly comparing myself to others? I follow other bloggers, on WordPress and Insta and Twitter. I follow because I love what they share. I don’t want to be exactly like them but I do like some of their ideas. However, I’m not that creative. I don’t have that super aesthetic eye where I can perfectly capture the sun’s rays through the woods. I can’t walk into a location and immediately pick out the best spot to capture the beauty of what I’m seeing. All my pictures are currently taken with my Samsung Galaxy S8+. I had a GoPro but me and electronics aren’t generally friends and I managed to drown it. In a backpack. No where near a lake or river. Yeah. But even if I did have a fancy camera, I have no idea how to use the software or the lenses or any of the other items needed to create a spectacular photo.

However, I love seeing others post monochromatic pictures of their latest reads, complete with little items to emphasis the feel of the book. Or better yet, portrait shots in locations related to the story. Mood boards are really cool! But I can’t look at the cover of a book and immediately come up with ideas on how best to create a photo for Bookstagram. My mind doesn’t work like that. I’m creative but in an analytical sort of way. An out of the box, left-hander, that craves organization and chaos equally.

I’m not a Marketing major. I don’t have an English degree. Hell, I don’t have a degree period. Yet! I type how I talk most of the time and there will probably be grammatical errors here and there. I honestly don’t even really understand how this whole Blog world works. I post. You possibly read. I hope you like it. Right? I swear I’m probably the worst candidate to even start a blog.

But here’s what I am. I am passionate about life. My life. Your life. The lives of people all over the world. I want to know your story and share it. I love exploring. Seeing and going new places. Learning about the world and different cultures. Things that are so very different from what I know fascinate me. How we fit or don’t fit together, the natural world and how it has shaped humanity,. Legends, grudges, feuds, miracles. I want to know about it. History, especially history I can touch, gets me excited. Books that make me lose sight of reality and the world around me are a must. Food that makes me dance, music that makes me move, shows that make me laugh as well as cry are all things I love.

I say all this for one reason… I can’t compete with the mood boards and gorgeous “follow me” photo shoots. If that’s what you are expecting when you open one of my posts, I will have to let you down. I also can’t promise that this will be the best blog you ever read with the most amazing content all the time. It will be messy, disorganized, whip-lash inducing, and dare I say it – schizophrenic on occasion. In a word – Broad.

But I can assure you that you’ll be able to pick out my passion (good or bad) over each topic and book. And you can absolutely bet that this space will be ever changing and growing, just as I am. So I want you to know that I do this because I love life, my life and yours, and I’m learning. Everyday. From all of you. This is who I am. No more. No less. ❤



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  1. Love the post. Can’t wait to read your blog. You are amazing and wonderfully adventurous. You will be great at blogging.
    Love you,

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